Food Packets for the Lockdown


A great and tangible way to help our Daisy children in the village is by donating $10 to feed their families during this lockdown. All of our village children’s fathers work as daily wage fishermen in the village. They earn roughly $50/month. (and that’s during the good months!) This lockdown has literally knocked them out. Our local staff who manages that center called today requesting food as the families have already run out of money to eat. Our local staff will do all the marketing for us on that end and distribute the food. All we need is $10 per family!
$10 will provide the family:
5kg Rice
1Kg Lentils
500 Grams Oil
and a family size packet of cookies. (Because everyone deserves a street treat during a crazy crisis)
It isn’t a lot, but it will provide their basic needs and will make a world of difference for these precious families.