Rickshaw Walla Party


This is our most talked about program of the year!  It has become a beloved tradition both here in India, as well as, for those who give around the world! This year we hope to reach 100 men!!!  Who wants to be part of this amazing experience!?

Sponsor a local rickshaw driver  in our area to come for an evening of spoiling them!  In India, they are some of the poorest of the poor and we love to bless them.  All year round,  it is the talk of the town with them and this year is no exception! It has become our very favorite tradition and it has helped us to build great relationships with them! For just $20, you can sponsor one of these men to come and receive a meal, a special program, a special and needful gift, a food packet(Rice,Daal and more) and  a box of sweets to take home to their families.

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