Gift packets for Street and Slum Kids


Street and slum children are the heartbeat of  Daisy Project.  There are more than 1 million children on the streets in India to date. Many of them sleeping under bridges and on the concrete sidewalk.  Or many of them have a home, but spend their days roaming the neighborhoods without proper guidance or care due to family issues. Healthy meals are rare and education is out of the question.   Throughout our Christmas programs, we have many straggling children come to admire the fun from afar. We always feel bad when a Daisy child receives their gift and we have nothing to offer the stragglers.   For $15, you can sponsor one of these little sweeties to  receive a special gift packet.  We will fill a sweet little bag with coloring book/crayons, hygiene products/snack box/small toys, etc! We also plan to include an invitation card to one of our many weekly Kids Clubs beginning in January to hopefully reach more kiddos!!!

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