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Planting seeds of hope.

Who we are

Daisy Project was started in 2008 when we discovered some beautiful treasures on the streets of India: the street children! We have been serving among the street children and their families since and have loved every minute of it! We believe every child deserves a future and a hope and that it is possible for every child to soar, regardless of their caste and status! Through basic education, shelter, good nutrition,love, and encouragement, we hope to help each child at risk to thrive and break the cycle of poverty from their lives for good.

Care Center

Daisy Project works with 15 street children by providing education, care and nutrition. It is our desire to see these children break the cycle of poverty off their lives for good!

Village Center

Daisy Project  runs a tutoring program in a village on the outskirts of the city! It is is a fisherman’s village so the families income is very low ($50/ month!) We started an after school tutoring program for the children where they receive homework help, love, activities and a healthy snack.  

Tutoring Center

Daisy Project  runs an after school care program where children from the slums are not only sponsored for school, but have a safe place to go during the day while their single parents work.  The children receive 3 meals, activities, homework help and much more!

Community Development

Daisy Project runs evening programs where women and children in poverty are given the opportunity to participate in extra curricular activities.  We offer activities like tae kwon do, drawing class, English class, a literacy class for women and much more!